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New! Playboy Original Cartoons for Sale: Now, for the first time, we are offering a large number of original drawings of cartoons which appeared in Playboy. If you're not familiar with the magazine, you may be surprised to find that the subjects of the cartoons include counterfeiters, a heart transplant, kickbacks, the three wise men not riding on camels, Shakespeare, dandruff, and first first prehistoric man without a tail. Click here to view available cartoons.

The original, one-of-a-kind cartoon drawings of S. Harris are now available for purchase through the Web site. These are the actual drawings—not limited-edition prints—which you have seen published in magazines and newspapers, including The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, American Scientist, National Lampoon, and Playboy.

Most of the drawings are in pen and ink, some with wash added, and a few are drawn with a brush. They range in size from 8 1/2 X 11 inches to 15 X 19 inches.

For the experienced collector, the beginning collector, or as a unique gift, an original S. Harris drawing from your favorite publication will be a long-treasured possession.

If you have a favorite S. Harris cartoon which is not displayed here, it too may be available. Just let us know which cartoon you are interested in, and we'll promptly tell you if it's still available.

As you probably are aware, the copyright to all the cartoons remains with the artist, and these drawings are for your personal use, and not for reproduction.

Please inquire before making a purchase, to ensure that the cartoon you have selected is still available.

Following common practice, no refunds or exchanges can be made on original works of art.


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